Monthly Themes

Over the last decade, most of my time has been spent teaching children. I spent three years at a Friends School and have tremendous amount of respect for Quaker Education. I enjoyed incorporating the Quaker Testimonies "SPICES" into my daily lesson plans (Stewardship, Peace, Integrity, Courage, Equality, Simplicity or Service depending on who is doing the talking).

Each month, the school also had a theme for our Meeting for Worship. Each week during Meeting for Worship, the teachers were responsible for coming up with questions to ask during Meeting. The questions were inspired by that Month's Theme.

I enjoyed discussing the Monthly Theme with my students and have been inspired to organize my blog based on Monthly Themes. I will be sharing plenty of other posts but the meat of my posts will be centered around the following Themes...

Jan- The Month of Courage

Feb- The Month of Love

March- The Birthing Month

April- The Simplicity Month

May- The Joy Month

June- The Month of Beauty

July- The Equality Month

Aug- The Stewardship and Service Month

Sept- The Peace Month

Oct- The Month of Letting Go

Nov- The Gratitude Month

Dec- The Giving Month
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