Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I am Really Missing a Woodstove Right about Now

You never seem to notice heat unless you don't have it. I don't know what is about our family but today is the second day we've been at a house and the heat system has conked out. The first day was on Christmas Eve when we were staying at a Lockhouse on the C&O Canal. Today, our apartment's heating system stopped because it froze. Luckily, my daughter is a little hot-water heater who seems to thrive in cold weather.

I grew up in a house with two wood stoves. It was a lot of work but we never had to go cold. I visited my father in West Virginia on New Year's Day and spent much of my time repeating the words "it's hot" to my daughter. But, boy, were we toasty.

I am dreaming about our first house right about now. I've decided - it definitely needs a wood stove. What do you think about wood stoves?


  1. My Dad was trying to make a decision between going with a pellet stove and a wood stove. This is what he said about them, " You can't burn pellets if you lose electric but pellet stoves do a better job. The pellet stoves are about 2X the price as wood stoves. People I talk to never have to turn on the heat when the stove is going and it only cost about $300 a year to heat there house to 75 degrees."
    With that said... I think putting in a wood stove would provide you all the warmth, the charm, and the nostalgia desires you may have =)
    Plus, I would love to visit and sit with you and the family near the wood stove ;o)

  2. Pellets seem to do a nice job, my sister's neighbors have a pellet stove. Of course, my parent's corn furnace also works really well (maybe a little too well). I know wood stoves are a lot of work but when the power goes out, there is nothing better! And like you said, you can't beat the nostalgia! Can't wait until I have a wood-stove that we can have long chats in front of...

  3. I'm working on convincing my man that we need to have a woodstove in the next house. Although it's lots of work, nothing beats a woodstove in the cold!

  4. What about cooking on a woodstove? Nothing beats that either...and it's not too hard once you get the hang of it. Some woodstoves for heat also have a flat top where you can cook a pot or two.


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