Monday, January 7, 2013

Make Compression Socks Your Friend

i got compression socks.
i got compression socks. (Photo credit: Corinna A. Carlson)
During my last pregnancy, I taught at a Montessori Preschool until I was 8 months pregnant. I was literally on my feet all day (except for 20 min for lunch and the 20 minutes I took a nap during my break).

It was fantastic exercise but I started getting some weird leg pain at 5 months. My midwife recommended that I start wearing "Compression Socks" (the kind that Nurses and Elderly people often wear) every day. They were amazing. I had no swelling in my feet until I was 39 weeks pregnant. I have the same shoe size as I did before I was pregnant.

I kept wearing them every day even after I left the job. Luckily, I had a pair of my Grand-father's, so we didn't have to plop down $50 on a good pair. I washed them every night, after I got they were dry and ready to wear the next morning. (Note: Those pink socks WERE NOT my Grandfather's, although I'm sure he could of rocked them).

Are they sexy? No. Are they cheap? No. But, if you are either on your feet all day or are sitting down all day, "wearing Compression Socks while you are pregnant" is totally worth it. Definitely get a pair.

I'm not nearly on my feet as much this pregnancy, but I just noticed some minor swelling at night once or twice. Time to bust out my special socks! I've wore size 8 1/2 shoes since I was 13. The vain part of me would like to stay that way!

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  1. What mmHg of pressure did you get in yours? I think I went overboard with the 30-40 mmHg level of compression and I am curious to know what you've been using. Great tip for anyone on their feet!!

  2. Can you believe, I actually don't know. They were my Grandfather's. He only wore them a few times, but I never saw the original package. I'm planning on buying a new pair very soon, so it's good to know that 30-40 mmHg level is too high. Hugs!

  3. The skinny on compression level recommendations..


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