Thursday, January 10, 2013

Autism and The Horse Boy

This film came out a few years ago and is a powerful testament of the love a parent feels for their child. It follows a couple, Rupert and Kristen, as they literally travel the length of the world seeking help and understanding for Rowan, their autistic child. The three make an awe-inspiring trek across Mongolia in search of healing.

It's beautiful seeing the amazing connection this child has to the animal world - The Horse Boy is an important reminder that each and every person has special gifts to share with the world.

Rupert and Rowan are now working to help "bring the healing effects of horses, nature and supportive community to autism families." Horse Boy World is their foundation. There is tons of interesting information on what they are calling "Horse Boy Learning." Workshops, books, ideas for teaching autistic children. Tons of fascinating stuff.

Do yourself a favor and get cozy one night this winter and watch this film about one courageous family.

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