Saturday, March 2, 2013

Picking Out an Indian Name


I was named for my Grand-mothers and have carried their names proudly over the last 34 years. We named our daughter after two of her amazing Great-Grand-mothers. Now, we have to come up with two new names for our second daughter.

I was very, very confident that I was pregnant with another girl. So confident that I entered into a little wager with my husband. (If you don't know him, he comes from a family who loves to bet). If the baby turned out to be a girl, I would name her. If it turned out to be a boy, he would name him. We shook on it. And, according to our 20 week Ultra-Sound, I won.

I want to wait to see our little girl before deciding on a name. But, I've been collecting several ideas. Right now, I am on the look out for an Indian middle name.

My requirements are...

1. Easy for non-Indians to read and pronounce properly.

2. Short.

3. A beautiful or at least non-offensive meaning.

I asked Papa Bear to start complying some Indian names he liked and fit my requirements. He came up with this beginning list.

Anala- Fiery

Zara- Little

Xena- Brave

Sahila- Guide

Riya- Graceful or Singer

Mena- Wife of the Himalayas

Iyla- Moonlight

I think we have a good start. Please add any more suggestions, if you have any!


  1. I LOVE Zara! And fitting since she's the little sister!

  2. Or Zahra (beautiful) (I had this one on my list of options too!).

  3. Sarah...It is really beautiful, isn't it? I don't know if it would work as a middle name but I guess that depends on the first name. Thanks for commenting :)


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