Friday, March 29, 2013

Toddler Art: A Bunny Craft

My daughter took a class called "Little Stars" at our local Rec Center this semester. I'll be honest, I was very disappointed. I thought the class would have a bit more pizazz. And, truthfully, I could have taught the class way better than the teacher. She was nice enough, but she didn't think every step through...which is essential if you have a room full of toddlers! Plus, if you have a group of 2-3 years old, you better expect that some of them are going to wander around the room, while you are reading a book.

But, I'll shut my mouth because my kid liked seeing all the other "big kids" in the "class" and it got us out of the house.

The first activity that we did was centered around Bunnies. Since, Easter is right around the corner, I thought I'd share.

We started out the class by singing the very PC song "Little Bunny Foo-Foo." Then, we did the Bunny Hokey-Pokey, picked out our own Bunny Ears to wear, painted a Bunny and read the book "Runaway Bunny" (which I've never liked).

The craft is pretty self-explanatory. I was very hands-off during this process, so my daughter's Bunny does not look as...ummm....polished as some of the other children's in the class. The nose isn't exactly where a nose is suppose to be...but, she had fun and that's the whole point. She didn't put much glue on the Googly Eyes, so they had fallen off by the time we got home.

So, here it 6 Simple Steps...

1. Cut out a plate in half.

2. Let your child paint it.

3. Give them ears (that you have cut out) to glue on.

4. Give them a little round nose to glue on.

5. Give them Googly Eyes to glue on.

6. Give them a cotton ball tail to glue on.

It took less than 10  minutes to complete and is a very easy Easter and/or Spring Time Craft to do with 2-year-olds. Just, please, skip singing "Little Bunny Foo-Foo" and reading "Runaway Bunny." There are so many more wonderful Bunny Books out there!

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