Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Second Birthday, Nye-Nye!

Our Daffodil Queen,

From the moment you were born, two years ago, today, you demonstrated to us your fierceness and your tremendous strength of will. You are no one's are a Queen (or maybe an Empress). It has been a privilege to sit back and watch your personality develop all of it's beautiful intricacies. Here is a partial list...

You have Dadi's uncanny memory and attention to detail.

You have Dada's love of ice-cream, background noise and technology.

You have Ra-Ra's talent of telling a long story with lots and lots of details.

You have Ra-Ra's appreciation of a fine piece of chocolate.

You have Papa's deep love of felines and tractors.

You have Aunt Mimi's intense fascination with pens.

You have Daddy's long, long legs and his long, long eye-lashes.

You have Mommy's mischievous grin and her long, long toes.

You have your Daddy's Patience and your Mommy's ability to cry at the drop of a hat.

You have your Mommy and Daddy's dancing ability, as well as our Adventurous taste-buds.

You have Mommy's Imagination and Curiosity.

You have your Ba's Spiritual Nature and your Great-Grandma Caroline's Compassion.

All of this in one small, amazing bundle of energy. We are so very, very lucky.

Your favorite phrase right now is, "I got it. I got it." This can refer to the phone ringing at Ra-Ra and Papa's house or to something that fell to the floor. A few weeks ago, Mommy was in the bathroom when she heard something crash in your bedroom. She was pretty sure she knew what it was, but she came in your room and asked if you needed any help. You put your hand up as though to stop her and said, "Bracelet fell. I got it, Mommy. I got it." Yes, Ma'am.

Another phrase heard frequently at our house is "Me, help. Me, help." If anyone even looks like they are about to cook in the kitchen, you quickly drag a chair into the room and offer your services. You LOVE helping.

You and Daddy have been spending lots of time throwing and catching balls together. You seem to prefer throwing the football and this makes Daddy particularly pleased.

Every time you make up a song and sing it loudly to us, Mommy thinks of your Aunt Mimi. She remembers Mimi doing the same thing when she was very young. You love to sing about cats, cows, tractor and Curious George.

You love mimicking other people's body positions. If someone is gesturing loudly, you do the same thing. Today, we celebrated your Birthday by going to a Lebanese Restaurant. You were fascinated by the man who sat at the table next to ours. And spent most of the meal mimicking his motions and trying to get your still slightly bowed legs to fold the way his did.

You have really gotten into using white glue and stickers. Sometimes you purposefully pour on a ton of glue onto your hands, just so you can pick off each tiny piece. Now, that takes some focus!

You continue to be excited about the arrival of your Sissy. And, now you frequently like to "pound it" to Mommy's belly after Mommy said your Sissy was trying to give you a High-Five. Mommy giggles every time.

Your favorite book is about making good choices and getting along with other people. When Aunt Mimi gave you the book, Mommy had to read it 8 times in a row. Now, Mommy only has to read it 4-6 times a day. You enjoy analyzing everyone's emotions in the book. We are happy how you are making so many good choices about using gentle hands with others. We can't wait to see you hold your Sissy for the 1st time.

Thank you for being You. Happy Birthday, Our Darling, Darling Girl. It's a glorious, glorious thing being your parents. We are very, very Blessed.

Know you are very, very loved.
Mommy and Daddy

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