Thursday, March 28, 2013

If There Was a Fire...

It there was a fire and I could only save a handful of possessions - my Belly Cast would be one of them. I look at it every day and it makes me smile.

My husband and I will be doing one for this pregnancy next week at 36 weeks (the same time we did our first one). He put up a minor fuss during the beginning of the process (using plaster is very messy, if you didn't know) and kept saying "I'm not the artist, you're the artist. I don't want to do this." But, by the time we finished, he had gotten into it and was very glad that we did it.

Some people paint their Belly Cast. I happen to love the stark white of the plaster, so I'm not going to paint either of mine. I'm contemplating making another one a little later (if this baby decides to hang around for a while) and experiment with painting that one.

Make sure you cover EVERYTHING while working plaster (with newspaper, an old plastic table-cloth, whatever you want to use as your drop-cloth). We accidentally got some plaster in the cracks of the wooden stool I was sitting on and they are still there. We used our Bathroom as our work-space, which was nice because I could then immediately jump into the shower.

It's a nice bonding experience with your partner and I definitely recommend celebrating your pregnancy by making one. It's a fun Date Night!

We were happy with the kit we used, which was this one (if you are interested)...

Depending on how large your belly is, there might even be enough of the plaster strips to make a second Cast. Enjoy!!!

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  1. While I don't know if that's your bellycast CMM,whoever it belongs to it's quite nice!!! I think that a bellycast is an AWESOME way for pregnant women to commemorate their pregnancies and create lasting impressions that will last a lifetime!!!!!!!!!!


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