Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Month of Love Round-up. 2013.


Bye-Bye, February. It's been a roller-coaster Month of my family.  Physically, I've been doing pretty well this Month (except for when I started to feel sick ). Emotionally, this pregnancy has had it's rough moments. But, there have been numerous moments of Joy this past Month.

Nye-Nye and I had a blast working on Valentine's Day Cards this year (even more fun than last year ). Lots and lots of Valentines were made. I can't wait until she is old enough to make this Valentine. I was so happy to hear my friend, Erin, made a Spicy Valentine for her husband.

 Our Valentine's Day was a success. We loved our Ancient Ale Date.

I had a lovely day being Queen for the Day. Several friends and family members gathered together and worked on decorating my daughter's room. The room was inspired by the book, Can You See a Little Bear? - it's close to being finished.

My daughter turned 23 Months and I wrote her a letter.

The Nesting Instinct has kicked in and I've started gathering ideas of everything I want to make before the baby comes. These are on my list. I shared the program the Cocoon Time Method and a very tasty vegetarian soup that's perfect to freeze for our Cocoon Time.

I talked about my love of Paperless PostPort Discovery, the Neti-Pot and our a Collaborative Painting.

My Month of Love ended on a high-note with me sharing my Husband's Wedding Vow.

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