Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Valentine for the Chef in Your Life

This is the present I made for my husband for our First Wedding Anniversary. It's sentimental, cheesy and practical...things my husband appreciates. He used the spices in this book several times a week for 6 months, until they were all gone! It made me smile every time I saw him use this present.

Not only does it make a nice Anniversary gift, but it could also rock somebody's world on Valentine's Day gift. Did I mention already that I like making books? I spent 45 minutes gathering supplies and 1 hour assembling the book.

I began by heading to the Spice & Tea Exchange in Alexandria (they have locations across the country, if you like to cook beware....this place is addicting and dangerous to your wallet). It helped that my husband and I had agreed upon a $25 limit on our gifts, so I knew I could only get 5 little packets of deliciousness.

My theme for the book was ingredients for a successful marriage. I tried to find things my husband would like to cook with but that also followed the theme. Some of them were a bit of a stretch...but I think it worked overall.

I chose olive salt to represent forgiveness. A lamb herb rub for gentleness. An onion sugar to symbolize kindness. A smoky sea salt to remind us to have courage through the tears. And, finally, a sweet Spanish paprika to represent the importance of keeping "spiciness" alive in your marriage.

I gathered scrapbooking paper that we used at our wedding and some blue electrical tape to make the accordion book. Accordion books are easy to construct (there are some great tutorials floating around, so I won't waste your time explaining how to make one). This book won't win any awards in the technical department but the smile on my husband's face was reward enough (I think his cheesiness may be running off on me).

If you are looking for a last minute Valentine's Day present for the Cook in your life...here's an easy, fairly quick project for you!

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