Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I Love My Neti Pot...It's Just A Lot of Work Now

Ceramic neti pot; neti pots can also be made f...
Ceramic neti pot; neti pots can also be made from glass, metal, or plastic. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It was 15 years ago when I first introduced to the Neti Pot. Whenever I got a cold, it came out. It's not the most pleasant activity but it helped me get through numerous colds and many months of sinus infections. When I was a Classroom Teacher, I picked up everything that went around and so my Neti Pot was in frequent use.

That was until I read an article last year, in Medical News Today about the two deaths due to brain-eating amoebas. The amoebas were introduced when the victims used tap water in their Neti Pots. Yikes.

I haven't had any bad colds or a severely stuffed up nose this Winter, so I haven't been tempted to use my Neti Pot. But, next time, I do, I will either boil my water before irrigating my sinuses (which makes getting it the proper temperature very tricky) or I will just skip it all together.
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