Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Can You See A Little Bear?" Inspiration for the New Bedroom

Here are some not-so-great photos of the book, "Can You See A Little Bear?" (which was the very first book to intrigue my daughter). We used this book as inspiration for her Big Girl Room.

Her favorite part of the two collages in her New Room are the two elephants, created lovingly by my very talented friend, Ed.

Here you can see the music instrument (trumpet, maybe?) that my Mama put in the smaller of the two collages.

Peacocks! Need I say more? I am totally in love with the Peacock Feather Wreath I found at Michael's.

Some banner inspiration, as well as the bird-cage. We hung up Nye-Nye's name-sake's bird-cage in the room. Why, yes...I do come from a family of hoarders. Sometimes, it comes in helpful!

The inspiration for the hot-air balloon in the larger of the 2 collages. My Mama did an excellent job creating her version of it.


Mama Bear's very cool flash-light. Somehow my Mama had a similar one in her basement (except that it doesn't glow and is red).


The inspiration behind my favorite part of the room...the Reading Nook Tent. It's not completely finished but soon...

Can't wait until the room is finished! It's already become our favorite place in the house.


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