Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More Charm City Photos

I am really enjoying this age. My daughter is able to communicate most of her thoughts to me and she is finally playing a bit more independently.

I love silently observing her creative play (at this moment she has transformed a book box into a doll bed and is filling and emptying it with scarves all the while talking to her "babies"). It's truly amazing to watch a child's creativity blossom.

Reading books together has also gotten so much more fun. She loves to point out and say various objects on the page...which definitely makes it more interesting for me. Current favorites include: car, ball, book, potty, baby, bird, duckie, hat and "hoooo" (when pointing to a picture of an owl).

Of course, it's not ALL babies, books and smiles. Especially, if there is a camera or phone involved that she wants to hold.

I adore the way toddlers help around the house. Grocery unpacking, putting dirty clothes in the hamper, laundry, sweeping, washing vegetables. They may not do things perfectly, but you can't beat their enthusiasm, can you? (If you need help sorting out your expired salad dressing bottles...just let me know. My daughter's an expert).

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