Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth! Oh, and Don't Forget to Harvest Your Garlic!

Happy July 4th! These photos were taken exactly two years ago today. I had found out a week before that I was pregnant.

We drove to Old Town to see the fire-works and sat in parking garage for TWO straight hours afterwards and swore we would never go back. Now, we live in Old Town and can walk there.

It's hard to believe how much life has changed since these photos (you know like me leaving Baltimore, shipping my faithful cat off to my parents, enduring a job I hated while pregnant, Planning a Wedding in Five Weeksadapting to marriage, assimilating to living with the in-laws, having a home-birth but ending up in the hospital anyway, spending 16 days in NICU with our daughter, attuning to life as a Stay-at-Home Mama, helping Papa Bear become comfortable leaving his parent's nest, learning how to divide up chores and run a house-hold without killing each other, chasing after a child who was walking by 7 1/2 months, learning how to become a neater person, rarely seeing my beloved sister, parenting a highly spirited child, accepting the need to wean earlier than I wanted, surviving being woken up several times a night for the last 15 months, house-hunting with your polar opposite)...

It has been a Wild Ride these past two years. It's been tough...but I know I am living a life full of Blessings. I try to count them every single day. Enjoy all those fire-works!!!

As a side note...I was introduced to a great idea this past weekend. Plant your garlic cloves on Election Day and harvest your garlic on the Fourth of July. Brilliant!***

I plan growing my own garlic this year; it's suppose to be incredibly easy. You can even use your every day garlic sitting in your kitchen right now...just separate the cloves and plant them individually. This was recommended to me to be the BEST garlic to grow. Yum.

*** (That is...if you are in the United States).

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