Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Eight Months: Happy Birthday, Lina!

My Dearest Lina,

Yesterday, you turned 8 months-old! This past month was a very exciting month for you. You started out the month taking 3 steps to Grandma, then half-way through the month you started walking tentatively (first at the playground and then to Dadi when we were getting your Christmas photos taken). By the end of the month, you were a pro, even carrying a broom over your head while walking (hopefully you will inherit Dadi's housekeep abilities, not mine). You are very proud of your accomplishments and seem much happier now that you are even more independent.

I guess none of us should be surprised but you love to dance until you drop. Last week at Dada's and Dadi's, you danced for 45 minutes straight (sitting up on one knee, hands in the air, shaking your head side-to-side). Everyone laughs when they see your dancing moves. It makes me so happy to see you spread joy wherever you go.

You still love giving me raspberries on my belly but you refuse Daddy's belly. You must think it's too hairy. You and Daddy have the absolute best time playing peek-a-boo behind our living room pillows. Yesterday, Daddy was estatic when the two of you "played catch" with a hacky sack. You have become a little yogini especially when nursing.

You get very, very frustrated when you can't do something or something doesn't go your way and immediately let us know. We are working on helping you learn how to play for longer periods of time by yourself. We are also trying to teach you how to be more "gentle" when touching other people'e faces. When you aren't "gentle" to Mommy, you almost always try to give me a kiss afterwards. Thank you.

It has been so thrilling to watch as your personality ripens before our eyes. You wake up with a huge grin on your face each morning like Grandma and are a big fan of cats like Grandpa. You have my curiosity, Daddy's energy, Aunt Mimi's intensity, Dadi's observational skills and Dada's determination. We love you from the tippy-top of your head down to the soles of your feet.

If you were a Greek Goddess, you would be Athena. Shrewd and fearless. But, you know, even Goddesses sleep, so no more waking Mommy up five times a night, okay? We can't wait to see what this next month brings!!!

Know that you are very, very loved,

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