Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Gratitude Month: Days Ten and Eleven

I am Thankful for...

Day Ten: November 10th

1. Time spent in the library (enough for me to even get myself a book).

2. The sound of a giggling kiddo as she drapes a glittery gold sash over her face.

3. My sister walking away from her car accident without being injured.

4. Not having to travel too far for a job interview that didn't pan out (you are only willing to pay me what???? to tutor...I think not).

5. The sight of Papa Bear snuggling with our Squirmy Wormy as she wound out for the night.

Day Eleven: November 11th

1. A slow day and a tuckered out kiddo catching up on her rest.

2. My daughter cooperating by playing by herself, so I could straighten up the house (funny how much better I feel when there aren't a million things laying around).

3. Finding my long-lost driver's license hidden under some leaves by our gate.

4. Finding out my mother's birthday present was ready, picking it up and being so excited to give it to her on Tuesday.

5. Being able to finally watch the last Harry Potter movie with only a handful of interruptions.

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