Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How I Stay Sane in Old Town When it Rains: Hooray for Books

Yesterday, it rained. I've decided to do a series of posts on places we venture out to when in rains. I'm a huge fan of independent bookstores, so our first post is on the wonderful, children's bookstore, Hooray for Books.

PROS: when store first opens you may be the first people there, lots for kiddo to look at and touch, story time area gives them a little bit of open space to walk around, you can read lots of books to them, kiddo may love sitting in the little rocking chair, gorgeous puppet collection for them (and you) to drool over

CONS: may feel obligated to buy something after spending 1/2 hour in the store, stressful making sure kid doesn't "buy" a book by ripping it, etc....

Overall, a positive experience. But a short one.

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