Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy 61st Birthday, Mommy!

Do you remember how on your 33rd birthday, I commented on how you were the same age as Jesus was when he died? You've gotten a lot of living and loving in since then. Your love has always been an anchor during the tumultuous times in my life. Thank you.

No daughter could ask for a more devoted mother. Your fierce love for your children defies words.

The one incidence that may come close to describing your love took place when I was 5. I still had a few scabs left over from a recent bout of chicken pox. You were sitting outside of the dressing room of my ballet studio, when you heard another little girl make fun of my scabs. You explained how you felt yourself physically grow fangs and claws as you morphed into this fearsome mother tiger. You had to truly restrain yourself from leaping on that little girl and ripping out her throat. Despite growing up amidst some chaos, I always felt loved and protected. I hope when my daughter is 32, she feels the same about me.

You have taught me to have confidence in my ability to adapt and survive life with a smile. You have taught me how to use my creativity daily and to have faith in my ability to problem solve. You have taught me to be constantly curious about the world and to feel a deep need to be a life-long learner. I hope I pass these gifts onto my own child. Happy Birthday, Mommy!!!!

All My Love,

Me (wearing the hat that Lina now wears) with my Fierce Mama

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