Monday, November 28, 2011

New Mama Mondays: Clothes After the Baby

Pardon the superficial post but it's Cyper Monday....

Going shopping after having a baby was pure torture for me. Unfortunately for me, I have had to find something to wear for 5 different weddings since giving birth. Three of them were weddings in the same group of friends and Papa Bear didn't want me wearing the same dress over and over again (there were also rehearsal dinners). I hope never to have to spend the same amount of time in front of dressing room mirrors that I have spent over the last few months.

But I feel like I have gotten over the hump. There is one wedding to attend next year (thankfully an Indian wedding, which is way easier to dress for in my opinion) and I am finally exhaling.

I spent a few hours yesterday finally packing away my maternity clothes and putting away non-maternity clothes that I wore when I was pregnant. Everything that I wore too frequently is getting a much need break or is being given away to a thrift store. If something only looks "so-so" on me, out it went. I feel so much better, so much lighter.

It also helps that I went shopping on Black Friday for the first time ever. It may have been at 7 pm Friday night but the deals were still there. I bought several thin, brightly colored sweaters that can be worn with all three of my new pair of pants. Just grab and go.

These corduroy pants make me feel like I have a tiny inkling of fashion and these black pants are the "perfect-I-can-wear-them-EVERYWHERE-pants." I liked them so much, I bought them in gray too.

I had to laugh when I bought the 2nd pair and was asked if my mother got "Chico's" catalogue. I hadn't really noticed how much younger I was than all the other women there.

Before this weekend,  I felt like a 12 year-old again....too old for certain clothes and too young for others. Now, I've hunted down some pieces that I like and feel just the right age.

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