Monday, November 28, 2011

New Mama Mondays: Surviving the Tornado

I have one word for you. Baskets. Once your kid is mobile and getting into EVERYTHING it's time to break out the baskets. They help contain the chaos and keep things relatively organized. You can usually pick up some decent ones at thrift stores and yard-sales for $2-3.

In our living room, I have a basket for...

      (old phone, remote, flashlight, etc...)

      (4-5 that I rotate every few days)

      (only 3 conch shells right now)

      (4-5 that I rotate every few days, more on this
      basket later)

      Wooden Blocks
      (she is currently not too interested in these)

      Musical Instruments (more on this later)

      Toys Not in Use (these are kept out of sight and
      not in reach like all the other baskets)

The baskets are placed on shelves and other surfaces (a stool, a chair, etc..) throughout the room and can all be reached by my kiddo. Our place isn't over-run by toys and I can straighten the living room in under 2 minutes, I love it!

Lina at 4 months was already excited about my use of baskets

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