Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Gratitude Month: Days 25-30

To Grandmother's House We Went

I am Thankful for....

Day 25

1. Both sides of the family only living 1 1/2 hours from each other (we spent lunch with my family and dinner with Papa Bear's side).
2. Long car rides promoting good discussions.
3. My Mama's cousin making a beautiful dress 32 years ago that my daughter got to wear (she is the fifth girl in the family who wore this dress).
4. The sight of My Little Ham dancing for the family as everyone made a circle around her and clapped, while I sang "She'll be Coming Around the Mountain."
5. Feeling the Love from our Family.

Day 26

1. A Lazy Day.
2. Being able work on two Christmas presents.
3. Saving money on two Christmas presents.
4. Walking hand-in-hand with Papa Bear.
5. Coming home to our little Nest.

Day 27

1. Good bread.
2. Good walks.
3. Good deals
4. Good surprises.
5. Good times.

Day 28

1. Fun making noise.
2. Chats with other Mamas that like to paint and meditate.
3. Watching my Baby Bird open her mouth for a taste of smoked trout, green beans and cooked onions (????)
4. The sight of my Babe kicking her feet with excitement when we stepped into the Library,
5. Time to Sit and Be.

Day 29

1. Finding the perfect children's book to give to my step-father (about a husband who deals with a wife always rescuing cats).
2. Making it to Trader Joe's despite the rain, getting lost and juggling a stroller, a baby and an umbrella.
3. Seeing my daughter's delight and wonder at the playroom.
4. Getting the chance to swim for the first time in months.
5. Successfully pulling off a family night at the gym.

Day 30

1. Feeling the Sun on my face today.
2. The wonderful lady at the Charles Houston Rec Center who let us in to their playroom for free (they only accept cash and I only had a card).
3. The feeling of snuggling with my Love Bug during our chilly walk today.
4. The taste of the clam linguine Papa Bear made for us.
5. Getting out of the house several times today to go on some mini-adventures.

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