Saturday, August 3, 2013

Gravelly Point. A Two-Year Old's Paradise.

Loud Airplanes flying RIGHT OVER your head. A massive, flat field to run around. Boats sailing past. Families picnicking and playing ball. Seriously, what's not too love?
Especially if you are two-years old.
"Gravelly Point Park" is located next to National Airport's Runway. If you stand in a certain point, the planes fly directly above you and make the most exhilarating sound. It's hard to resist putting your hands over your ears, it's so loud.
It's a FREE, FUN family activity. We always see the most diverse array of people - all united in the pure Joy of this spectacular sight. Today, we even saw an Amish family.
Our family has only been a few times and every time I ask myself why we haven't been more.
Even the baby seem to enjoy herself.













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