Saturday, August 10, 2013

Twins? Maybe.


Let's play a game, okay? Try and guess whether each photo is of my First Born or my Baby.
Until I started going through old photos, I really had no clue JUST HOW MUCH these girls look alike.
I started showing Papa Bear some pictures and he thought I was showing all new photos of the Baby. If I didn't know the context clues, some of these photos would be impossible for me.
Scroll down to the end and I'll give you the answers.










1-4) Big Sister

5) Little Sister (White Onesie)

6) Big Sister

7) Little Sister (Poppy Flower Romper)

8) Big Sister

9) Little Sister (Poppy Flower Romper)

10-11) Big Sister

12) Little Sister (Sheepskin Rug)

13-14) Big Sister

15) Little Sister

16) Big Sister

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