Saturday, August 3, 2013

Look at Our Little Rolly-Polly

I may have to rethink my Hypothesis (and Wish???) that my second child will be a bit chiller in the "Physically Active/Energy Never Dies" Department.
Little Bright Eyes just surprised us all by rolling over from her Back to her Tummy at 12 weeks old. Bis Sissher was 15 weeks old. Yikes.
I had taken her upstairs for some Play Time in her "Montessori Corner." I set up the "Bell Mobile" that I had made and left her to play on her Back, while I did dishes and her sister played downstairs. I listened to her squeals of delight and the sound of the bell ringing for 15 minutes or so. Then I heard her protesting.
I went upstairs and walked into the Bedroom. There she laid on her Tummy, looking quite stunned and surprised.
I haven't been able to get a video of her doing it, yet. Here are just a few photos of her working hard on her Side. She has almost out-grown her Butterfly pants, I embellished before she was born. Time  is a flyin'...




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