Monday, August 5, 2013

Lemon Balm and Black Tea Infused Vodka

There is a huge patch of Lemon Balm at my Parent's farm and I am a huge fan of Jasmine Tea. So, when I read this post, I knew this was a pairing I would have to try. 

As I mention before, I am on a "infusing Vodka" kick.

I have been making Medicinal Tinctures for 4 years now. They take about 6 weeks before they are ready. Infused Vodkas? A few days.

I want to experiment and make a variety of infusions, since so many fruits and vegetables are in season, right now. Plus, I have a lot of fresh Herbs at my fingertips. 

Gift-giving at Christmas is always a Big Stressor (last year we had 35 Family members to get presents for). I am thinking that if I make a lot of Vodka Infusions now, it will make December a lot more relaxed.

It would be nice to have a stash of ready-made, cool presents for Hostess Gifts and Adult Birthday Presents, don't you think?

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