Thursday, August 29, 2013

I'm Beat.

I haven't had the energy to blog much recently. And, after a difficult night getting up constantly with the baby, I don't have the energy to write very much right now. But, I thought I share some photos of our recent Going-ons.

Let's see.

We went to Bobby Flay's new restaurant before a trip to IKEA. We split one killer Kahlua milkshake. (Which may have been the high point of our week). I enjoyed the tiny house ideas from IKEA's 380 square foot home.

Went to a lovely Baptism.

Organized, organized, organized. Built two Bookshelves and one Crib (Papa Bear did the crib).

Went through TONS of old paperwork. May be my LEAST FAVORITE thing to do.

Set up Nye's Playroom complete with a Nature Center and a Light Center.

Held off on buying a Desk, so the Dining Room Table got more organized.

Managed to stay Married during our Week of Organizing.

Went to my Parents to pick up Nye. The baby tried out a Saucer and the Pool for the first time.

Coped with a Toddler who is suddenly very clingy and feeling very jealous of the baby.

Nye and I have been doing lots of "play" centered around pretending to be a baby, as well as role reversals. It seems to be helping a little bit.

I'm worn out. Looking forward to some sleep this Week-end.






















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