Monday, August 19, 2013

Reggio: Mirrors and Glass Stones

I first heard about Reggio Emilia Approach to Education when my Mother was back in school studying to be an Art Teacher, many moons ago. I vaguely remember her telling me about the "100 Languages of Children."
I stumbled across an interesting-sounding Reggio Playgroup for children 6 months-30 months that is held at Glen Echo Park. Unfortunately, Nye-Nye is now too old to join.
I started doing a little research and quickly discovered Kate's gorgeous and inspiring blog "An Everyday Story." She has a little girl close in age to Nye-Nye, so her blog has given me TONS of ideas of future activities.
Here is our first Reggio-inspired Provocation.
Mirrors and Glass Stones and Sunlight.
I spent $2 each on two bags of Glass Stones and $7 on a Mirror from a local Thrift Store. Hours of fun for $11. Not bad.
Nye-Nye is NOT wanting to be photographed these days, so I was only able to snap one photo of her in action when I first introduced the Glass Stones. She also really wanted me to sit next to her and join in all the fun. Making patterns with the Glass Stones turned out to be very meditative. I highly recommend it!
An Everyday Story is chocked full of Reggio-inspired activities and has inspired me to start using high-quality Art Supplies with my Toddler. I will be sharing our experiences over the next few weeks.








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