Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mattie Stepanek Reminds Us to "Play after a Storm"


If you have been reading my Blog for a bit, you may have discovered that I am a fan of Mattie Stepanek's work. His short life was incredibly inspiring (Maya Angelou and Former President Jimmy Carter were also huge fans of Mattie). It never ceases to amaze me, how such a young child could write such poetry. Here and here are some examples of his poems. His Mother is also a Hero of mine.

Since, we've been having some many Summer Storms, recently, here in Northern Virginia, I thought this poem was appropriate...

For Mr. Thompson

The people who like poetry are special.
They are the same people who hear
Lullabies and wind chimes
When the birds are noisy together.
They are the ones who see
Star-gifts in every season -
Tree-stars in the fall,
Snow-stars in the winter,
Dandelion-fairy-stars in the spring, and
Lightning-bug-stars in the summer.
They are the ones who have
Favorite colors that are wonderful gifts
Like sunset or rainbow or treasure.
They are the ones who have a
Song in their heart and
Words in their mind that
Come together and slip out
Into the air or onto paper as a gift
To someone else, or even themselves.
The people who like poetry are probably
The ones who know how to celebrate
Even when things are sad or happy.
We remember that sometimes,
Even if we don't understand why,
That the rain falls for a reason.
We remember how important it is
To play after a storm, just because
We need to keep playing and living.
And, we are the people who remember
To say thank You for God for our gifts.

-May 1996 (six years old) Mattie Stepanek

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