Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Broiled Zucchini

Summertime. If you know anyone with a Garden, they are probably swimming in Zucchini right now. I was visiting my Mother and I was a little bored with how I usually cook Zucchini (either sauteed with Onions or made into Cold Soup). I decided to experiment with what I had on hand.

Here is my new "Favorite Way to Prepare Zucchinis"

1. Leave the skin on and cut off the ends of one medium Zucchini. Cut it in half length-wise

2. Stand each half up on it's end and sliced it into three parts. Try to make each piece as flat as possible (or you can just cut them into rounds).

3. Oil aluminum foil with a bit of Olive Oil. Lay down slices.

4. Add Sea Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder, Paprika and your choice of fresh herbs. (I added Basil, Rosemary, Thyme. For a twist, add Lemon Balm and Cinnamon but then skip the next step).

5. Add Parmesan Cheese.

6. Broil in oven for 8 minutes or until the cheese starts to brown.

7. Enjoy! (the first 2 photos below were taken BEFORE I put in the oven...the last 2 photos are from a batch that I topped with Cheddar Cheese).


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