Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Our Baby Birds

I've been feeling low, recently. A lot of Sadness. The Zimmerman Trial Verdict. A classmate from my small Hometown was just killed in a car accident. I'm concerned that the baby might have been exposed to possible toxic mold growing in our Basement. I feel overwhelmed by all the STUFF in our house. It's all weighing on me.
But, one of the little Joys in our life, at this moment, can be found right outside our Living Room window.
Yup, our Mama Robin is the proud parent of three little babies. We came home on Saturday to this....

We had observed with interest her building her nest, several weeks ago. We had waited with her, while she sat on her beautiful little eggs. Four days after they had hatched, this is what they looked like...
Amazing. I think the sweetest part of watching them grow is listening to my Husband update me constantly on what they are doing. It makes me smile. It makes me glad. He has been the most excited out of all of us to see them hatch and transform. His wonder has been infectious.
Thank you, Mama Bird for bringing so much Joy to our family!




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