Monday, July 1, 2013

Anala. One Month Old.

Dearest One,

Sorry, sometimes being the second child sucks. I am just finishing writing this letter and you are already 8 weeks old already. Whoops.

You may not have as many photos taken of you and your Baby Book, probably won't be as detailed. But, you are VERY, VERY loved. Your Big Sissy has become your protector. She hates to hear you cry and reminds me constantly that I need to nurse you. You are a champion nurser, by the way. No snacking or nibbling for you. No, Ma'am. You are done in five minutes flat. But, all that gulping means Mommy and Daddy have to be very careful about burping you and keeping you upright for 20 or so minutes after you eat.

You love napping in the Ergo and spend much of your awake time sitting up in someone's arms. You like to part of the action and get extremely angry if people seem to be ignoring you.

You are very observant and alert and love to spend your awake time looking at everyone and everything.

You've been having a rough two weeks with your belly. It seems to be causing you a lot of pain and making you cry for 3-4 hours every day. You had a particularly difficult couple of days, when Aunt Mimi came to meet you.

It's wonderful hearing you chuckle in your sleep. When your belly isn't hurting you, you often gift us with a beautiful smile.

Like your Sissy, you are very, very strong and love to kick, kick, kick. We haven't had to be careful with supporting your head since last week. Your neck control is pretty impressive for such a little person. When you went in for your 1 month check-up, you weighed 11 lbs 12 oz, so I guess you aren't that little. The Doctor kept commenting on your height. Maybe you will take after your Daddy and be a wonderful Basketball player.

You've made Mommy very happy by sleeping for more than 5 hours at a time during the Night, several times already. Please, keep it up.

Here are a few photos of you at One Month. The last two photos are of your Big Sissy at the same exact age. I think the two of you look alike, don't you think?

We are so glad you are here. We adore you, our little Bright Eyes.
All our love,

Mommy, Daddy and Big Sissy



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