Tuesday, July 23, 2013

National Children's Museum at National Harbor

We finally made it to the "National Children's Museum" at National Harbor. It's been on my To-Do List for a long time. And, because we are members of Port Discovery, tickets were half off.
It was a decent Children's Museum, not as spectacular as Port Discovery, but there was plenty for my two-year old to explore. They have a 3 and Under Area that she adored (she loved playing with the cash register and driving the bus). But, her favorite was definitely Bob's Taxi (in the main room).
The place opens at 10 am, but we didn't arrive until 12:30 pm. That seemed an ideal time, crowd-wise. It wasn't too overwhelming crowded like how Port Discovery often gets. There was enough for Nye-Nye to explore, but it wasn't too overwhelming following her around. It was just we needed on a super-hot Summer day. Looking forward to go back!
















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