Friday, July 5, 2013

Anala. Two Months.

Dearest One,
Yesterday was your first 4th of July. You also turned two months old. We celebrated by going to the Spraypark near our house and having a picnic afterwards. At night, we went to watch some Fireworks. Your Daddy picked a perfect spot where we go to see Fireworks go off at 6 different locations. You were awake during the Firework Display and seemed to enjoy yourself.
That's seems to be a theme with you, right now. You have become full of smiles. No more colicky symptoms!!! Mommy has finally learned to tell the difference between your hungry and your sleepy cry. You get VERY angry, if you are hungry (which is completely understandable and definitely a family-trait).
Sometimes you fight going to sleep, but Mommy just swaddles you (which you don't really like), gives you your pacificer and holds you until your eyes get very, very heavy. Then you get placed in your bed. During the day, you only sleep for about 45 minutes to an hour at a time. When you wake up, it's all smiles and coos. Talk about melting hearts!

You stay awake for about an hour, kicking and smiling and watching everyone. You have to be part of the action.  Once we hear your tired cry, you go back to bed. You nurse every three hours or so, although over the last few days, you appear to be going through a growth spurt and are requesting milk more often! 


Your Sissy continues to be devoted to you and hasn't shown any blatant signs of jealousy, yet (knock on wood). She continues to like to remind me when to change your diaper, when you nurse you and when to put you to bed. Don't you worry, she's got your back, Little One.

We went to a Family Dinner last Week-end, where there were at least 65 people. You were held by at least 30 of them and were fine. Complete contentment. Not a cry or whimper out of you. You were awake the entire time, while people played "Pass the Baby." You fell asleep in the corning of the very loud Living Room, which is a wonderful skill to have when you are part of a large Indian family.

We are all very, very Smitten with you. And are enjoying watching you grow each day and discover this Magical, Wonderful Word that we live in...thanks for being the final piece that fits together in your Family Puzzle.

Know you are very, very loved,
Mommy, Daddy and Big Sissy




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