Friday, July 19, 2013

Artscape This Weekend. July 19th-21st.

Artscape. It's one of ultimate people-watching experiences in the area. It's one of things that made me fall madly in love with Baltimore. A FREE Arts Festival with hundreds of thousands of people...tons of music, art, theater, dancing...the works.
I get to go this year with NO KIDS.
An Adults ONLY Weekend...I'm beyond thrilled.
The baby will be 11 weeks old on Saturday and I have been away from her once for 4 hours and once for 6 hours. There's a cooler full of pumped milk, I'm leaving behind for her Daddy. He's been to CA for a Wedding and to the Beach with his boys (among other several friend's Birthdays). So, now it's my turn.
I am ready to....catch-up, walk, dance, eat over-priced food, sweat, partake in an Adult beverage or two, people-watch and maybe buy some Art to take home.
Here I am at last year's Artscape. Hard to believe how much my Big Girl has grown!
If you are in the area and looking for something to do, come check it out! Yeah, there is a lot of commercial stuff that's annoying, but Baltimore's fun, quirky side still shines through!



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