Thursday, July 11, 2013

Baby's First Happy Hour


I had forgotten the charm of going to a Restaurant with an infant. It's so easy (unless they have colic or are fussy). My husband and I merrily went out to Restaurants until Nye-Nye turned 6 months old.
I vividly remember the day when eating at a Restaurant with a child went from being a treat to be a chore.
My Father-in-law had just turned 60. In celebration, we dined at a nice Indian Restaurant. Before that day, Nye-Nye had been content to sit and look around her. All of a sudden, our daughter was NOT happy in the high-chair and wanted OUT. My husband and I had to take turns walking around the place, while the other ate. NOT relaxing at all. It's been not relaxing ever since.
My Parents are graciously watching Nye-Nye for the week. (Thanks, Mommy!)
So, when Papa Bear got home from work early on Monday, we drove to our former stomping ground (Old Town) to enjoy Happy Hour. Tapas was $3.50 per plate at one of the Tapas Restaurants. Neither of us had ever been there before and I had been dreaming about Spain ever since I stumbled across this blog.
The food was good and the Sangria amazing. And, the baby smiled the whole time. It was fantastic!

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