Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Temporary, DIY Baby Mobile


Things have started to normalize here, since the arrival of our Bright Eyes, 12 weeks ago. She's no longer colicky, which helps A LOT.
I've been having a Mother's Helper come to our house for 4 hours a day, 3 days a week. B is a College Student at home this Summer. She's been a big help.
She takes Nye-Nye on short little Adventures like to the Spraypark, the Library and various local Playgrounds.
When they are out and about, I am able to focus more on the baby.
Just like how it dawned on me that she might like Tummy Time more, if she had a mirror in front of her. I realized that she needed some Mobiles to look at and interact with, while in her Bassinet.
When Nye-Nye was 3 months old, I could leave her on the floor and walk away to get something. She was only in the Bassinet to sleep and was never put in a Playpen.
Not with this one. Poor Anala. When her Big Sissher is in the house (racing around the Living Room), she has to be in some secure spot (unless I am on the floor next to her). That spot is usually on Mama's lap, the Ergo, the Swing or in the Bassinet.
She was NOT LIKING the Bassinet at all and would start protesting after a minute or two.
Then I realized. She's bored. Head-smack.
I immediately threw together a "temporary baby Mobile" using a thick, sanded dowel rod and some baby rattles. Not secure at all, but she likes it and it's not heavy when it falls on her. Plus, she's learning cause and effect, right?
After I took the video (which can be seen at the end of this post), I realized there were some velcro flaps on the Bassinet that I could use to secure the dowel rod better.
I switched the direction she was facing in and put the flaps over the rod. She still manages to knock the rattles and stick on herself, but it takes more time. She loves it. She coos and smiles and kicks her feet when she sees me setting it up.
I just finished making her a "Montessori Dancer Mobile" (which now hangs over her Bassinet), so I can phase out this temporary Mobile. I can't wait to share with you how inexpensive and satisfying it is to make both a Dancer Mobile and a "Montessori Gobbi Mobile"! Photos and a post coming soon about the baby's Montessori Corner...





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