Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Not On A Shelf

"From the standpoint of the ego self, which is easy to recognize as your judging mind, life seems to come at you like a continual inconvenience or, at worst, a massive invasion. We try to dodge the bullet. To get by unscathed. We situate and orchestrate, map, plot, outsmart, and engineer. All of this fruitless effort is undone by the simple fact that life does not occur outside of us. It is not separate or even an arm's distance away, not on a shelf or a drawing board, never in a parking garage. It can't be entrusted to a valet driver because it never leaves our hands.
What's more, when we stay awake and focused on what is immediately obvious, the here and now, life never demands of us more than we can handle. It is always easier done than said."

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