Friday, January 18, 2013

Toddler Fun with a Big Blue Exercise Ball

My mom's exercise ball
My mom's exercise ball (Photo credit: cbcastro)
One of Nye-Nye's favorite things to do at 21 months is to bounce on my Big Blue Exercise Ball. I was looking for a fun way to get her energy out and for me to get a little exercise.

In the beginning, I sat her either on my lap or between my legs and bounced her high in the air off of my lap. She would squeal with delight at bouncing so high. It was so much fun! After I got dizzy 4 or 5 weeks ago after bouncing for a few minutes, I realized that my pregnancy had progressed to the point  of it being time for me to give it up.

So now, I either lay her flat on her stomach on the ball and keep my hands on her back or she sits up on ball and I hold both her hips. She then has to use all her muscles to attempt to stay on the ball. It's hard work!

It is not for the faint of heart. I would NEVER play this game in front of my very nervous Mother-in-law. It gets a little out of control and Nye-Nye sometimes lands on the floor (softly). But, I know occupational therapists often use Exericse Balls in their therapy (probably a little less wildly), so I feel little guilt when she falls. Plus, we are both laughing so hysterically and having such a blast that I can't help myself. I'm so proud of my Fearless Little Girl.

What does this have to do with the Month of Courage? Sometimes as a Mama, you just have to take some deep breaths, be brave and let your kid get a few bumps and bruises.
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