Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Increasing Your Milk Supply: Honeyed Barley Water with Mint

Ancient Greeks. They knew a thing or two. Turns out one of their Sacred Drinks was "Honeyed Barley Water with Mint."

I already knew Barley Water has historically been given to folks when they were ill. But I didn't know it had such a long history.

Besides being a Sacred Drink and helping sick folks recover, Barley Water is terrific for helping New Mamas increase their milk supply.

Recently, I made my easy, delicious Barley Stir-Fry. Instead of throwing out all that nutritious water, I added some honey and fresh mint. And froze it to give to one of my Pregnant friends.

If you have ever tasted plain Barley Water, it's about as bland as you can get. Mint and honey (or agave or your Sweetener of choice) really jazzes it up.

Here is an interesting post on the history of Barley Water with two recipes.

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