Monday, December 26, 2011

The Giving Month: Gift Idea Wrap-up

Well, I ran out of time to feature all my ideas for presents during this Month of Giving. I'll save some of those goodies for Valentine's Day and beyond. Here she is....My Grand Ole' List...

1. A Bead Date

2. Canvas Print

3. Gift of Experiences

4. World Market Retro Games

5. World Wildlife Fund Species Adoption Kit

6. Organizing a Gift Swapping Party

7. A Rubber Duckie and a Heifer International Gift

8. Christmas Time Capsule

9. Personalized Deck of Cards

10. A Reflections Book

11. Family Cookbook

12. Soup of the Month Club

13. Personalized "Memory" Game

14. Ornament Date

15.  Music Basket

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