Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Politics and Prose's Print-on-Demand Book Machine

My Mama LOVES to cut out newspaper articles to give to my sister and the handfuls. Every time I see her (at least 3 times a month), she gives me a mound of articles from the The Washington Post, The Frederick News Post and various magazines.

Yesterday, I read one of the articles from The Washington Post and was blown away. The independent bookstore, Politics Prose, just leased a print-on-demand book machine. If you have a digital file, it can print you out a paperback in less than 10 minutes. If the bookstore doesn't carry a book you want and it's still in print, the machine (nicknamed Opus) will print out a copy for you. You just pay the retail price of the book.

You can even now print "out-of-print" books for 8 bucks for the first 200 pages (just add 2 bucks per 100 pages after that)...can you hear me dancing in glee?

It's perfect for those of us who crave the physical nature of books and love to support local businesses. No need to buy a book through Amazon, you can just show up at Politics and Prose now.

And the best part is how Opus now opens up the world of self-publishing. Very, very exciting!!!

Perfect for those Last-Minute-Christmas-Present-Makin-Folks, right?

If you are in the NOVA/DC area and are a book-lover or writer, you should definitely go check it out...maybe I will see you there!

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