Monday, December 5, 2011

New Mama Mondays: The Gift of Experiences

Who would like this gift? For a baby or child that has plenty of clothes and toys.

What are you giving? A class. For example: a music class, a dance class, infant massage class, swimming lessons, etc...

When? This is a good last-minute gift.

Where?  Here are a few options in NOVA....

Music Together in Northern VA
Small Talkers in Centreville offer a variety of classes.
Lil Omm has yoga for all ages!
The folks at the Breastfeeding Center for Greater Washington offer infant massage classes.

And, hopefully, in February I will be teaching some Mommy and Baby dance classes!!!

Why is it a great gift? It is not about more stuff. Either you or a parent takes the baby or child to these classes and gets to soak up their joy when they are having so much fun.

My experience? My father-in-law gifted my daughter with Music Together classes and it was one of the most presents EVER. Each week, my in-laws get to hear about her class (it's like the gift that keeps on giving). Plus, I am so very grateful because it gets us out of the house and is something to look forward to each week. Highly, highly recommend.

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