Thursday, December 1, 2011

Farewell...The Gratitude Month....Hello...The Giving Month

Well, I did it. I may have bored everyone, but for the entire month of November, I was serious about remembering to feel gratitude.

When I was tired of picking up the millionth cheerio off the floor....I thought of what to add to my list. When I was feeling annoyed with my husband....I thought of what to add to my list. When I was feeling grumpy about being woken up 5 times at night....I thought of what to add to my list. Next November... I'll do something different than write a list every day, I promise.

Farewell, November...onto December. I'm so very excited about this month for several reasons; one of them is that has to do with this blog. I'm going to be sharing lots of my ideas on ways to give. I can't wait!

Some of my ideas include: a Bead Date, Heifer International, making your own Board Book, a personalized version of Memory, KIVA, organizing a Re-Gifting Party, a Family Cookbook, an All-Purpose Salve, and Creating a Christmas Letter Time Capsule. Not all my posts will be on stuff to give but on WAYS to give.

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