Friday, December 16, 2011

Gift Idea: Personalized "Memory" Set

Who would like this gift? A child between the ages of 3-12.
What are you giving? The game Memory personalized with photos of them, their friends, their pets and their families. 
When? If you wait to the last minute, you'll have to pay extra in shipping, etc...but it can be done. If you make your own, you can wait until Christmas Eve, right?
Where? I used Printer's Studio but there are plenty of other places as well. Or if you have a good stash of craft supplies and photos, you could whip up your own set right at home.***
Why is it a great gift? What kid doesn't love Memory? It's a great family game and would be fun to play Christmas afternoon.   

My experience?  Even though it's been killing me, I haven't sneaked and opened up the package. From what I can tell it's a nice product. I'm not sharing photos of it because I want the present to be a surprise. I can't wait!

*** If I had more time and energy I would have made my own game. In the future, I'll try by using some chipboard, a utility knife, Mod Podge and photos (probably printed on cardstock). Fun, yes?

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