Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gift Idea: Christmas Time Capsule

This idea was inspired by some of my daydreaming before my Baby Shower.

 Let me start by saying that my husband and I had a killer Baby Shower full of Beer, Men and Musical Chairs. * It was My husband is

I'm the sentimental one and I wanted everyone to write a letter to our daughter for her to open on each birthday. My idea was to randomly assign a year (age 5 for example) to each family and ask them to write a letter (using a template) telling her about what they remember about being 5, giving advice, expressing their wishes for her etc... On her fifth birthday, we would open the letter and read it together. It would be like the ultimate blast from the past.

Unfortunately, we had 100 people at the Shower and I just didn't have the energy to organize and explain everything. But, I'm thinking it would be a perfect 1st Birthday activity....or a beautiful Christmas gift....

Who would like this gift? It would be great for a baby or small child whose parents are overwhelmed by toys. 

What are you giving? The Christmas Time Capsule would be kept in a special box or suitcase. Each year, the child would open the envelope marked with their current age. Inside would be a letter written by a family member or friend explaining their favorite Christmas traditions, the best present they ever received, the best present they ever gave, their favorite Christmas songs,their favorite Christmas food, anything they remember from being the child's current age, a photo or two, etc...

When? This would be a nice Christmas party activity or maybe even an after-Thanksgiving activity.
Where? The parents would store both the opened and unopened letters in a special box, vintage suitcase or trunk. 
Why is it a great gift? Free (except the cost of the paper or cards) and sentimental...the best kind of gift! As long as the parents made the process easy for their friends and family, I think most people would love to participate in lieu of a gift. I think writing a template where people can fill in things would be key. 

How priceless would it be to read a letter written by someone 10, 15 years before? I know I would have given anything to receive a letter like that from either of my grandmothers.

My experience? Ask me again in March after I have attempted this for Lina's 1st Birthday!!! Wish me Luck!!!

* A post will be forth-coming on how Beer, Men and Musical Chairs can really make a Baby shower

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