Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nine Months have Flown By!!!

Look at my big girl, trying to put on a good face. (You can't see her runny nose and puffy eyes). She's been a trooper with a cold that's been dragging on for 2 weeks. She's still a bundle of energy, though!

 I'm almost finished writing her Letter of the Month and will post it soon. First, I have to finish all those presents and start packing for a mini-trip (it's less than 20 miles away). We are renting out a historic cabin for Friday night and Christmas Eve. I'm looking forward to decorating the cabin, setting up a little tree, making cookies, reading Christmas stories, doing a little crafting, playing some board-games, listening to Christmas carols and getting creative with wrapping presents. No Internet, no T.V....just family and good old fashion fun. Wishing you much Light on this Winter Solistice and Much Joy during this Special Time!

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