Monday, December 12, 2011

Gift Idea: Family Cookbook

Who would like this gift? Family members.
What are you giving? Old family recipes scanned with old family photos and maybe some family history thrown in there.
When? Definitely a time-consuming process.
Where? I like Blurb but there are tons of other places too.
Why is it a great gift? It’s your family’s story written in food. How more perfect can you get? In case of a fire, I’m grabbing my baby and then I’m grabbing the Family Cookbook my mother made me.
My experience? My sister and I received our Family Cookbooks several Christmases ago. It is still hands down the best gift I have ever received. My mother made it at Staples. I'm sure it can be done a lot cheaper and faster, if you are comfortable with technology. Make sure to scan in lots of old photos, the original recipes (food stains and all) and your family china (if your family is into that kind of thing)'s a lovely addition.

(Photos of my Grandmother in the Kitchen in the 1940's)

(Original Recipes with Stains are the Best!)

(Our Easter China )

(Don't Forget to Include Photos of Kids in the Kitchen)

My second date with my husband was spent going through this makes this book even more precious to me. Have fun making a family heirloom and maybe it will even become part of your family lore!

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