Friday, December 9, 2011

Gift Idea: Personalized Deck of Cards

Who would like this gift? The sentimental poker player in your life (New Mama, New Daddy, Grandparent, etc...)
What are you giving? A personalized deck of cards.
When? This is NOT a last minute gift. I ordered the deck of cards on Black Friday (they offered free shipping that day). When I submitted the order, it was then mentioned that it might take up to 21 days to ship. Phew….glad I didn’t wait until the last minute like in years past. Our deck arrived by December 7th but you shouldn’t count on it.
Where? I got my deck through Printer's Studio but there are tons of companies to choose. Just find out shipping costs BEFORE because that is where they get you.
Why is it a great gift? Inexpensive (under $10) and sentimental
My experience? It took about 1 ½ hours to choose photos and set up. There are lots of new parents in my husband’s family and everyone is big into poker, so this was an obvious present for us to give. We haven’t opened the deck of cards but from what we can tell, the final product looks nice. I chose photos that the New Daddy had taken himself; I can't wait to see his reaction on Christmas.

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