Thursday, April 5, 2012

Checking Off March's Intentions

When I wrote out my intentions for March, I purposefully kept those bad-boys brief. I knew I was going to running around preparing for a birthday party that kinda ended up being like an intimate DIY wedding (aka...a lot of work).

First things, first.

Here are the Things that I Let Slide...

  • Add monthly photos to the Christmas calendar I'm making (I picked a few photos but didn't download them to Shutterfly)

  • Watch the Trauma Release Exercises at least once a week (I didn't even try, all my free time was spent working on the Party)

  • Paint Lina's rocker as a Birthday present (not enough time)

  • Go to at least one Ballet class at the new studio that just opened down the street (ran out of time)

Here are the Intentions I Can Check-off...

  • Keep writing weekly in Lina's Baby Book

  • Celebrate surviving the 1st Year by buying a pretty dress (VERY happy with what I found)

  • Plan garden (still not finalized but I have a better idea now)

  • Create Lina's Monthly Book of Letters and Photos (YES!!!!)

  • Organize Birthday Time Capsule (post coming on this turned out well)

  • Go to a Community Acupuncture Class at least once (Yup and I took my Mama)

  • Go with my Sissy to her Pin-Up Photo Shoot (I wrote about it here)

  • Plan Lina's First Birthday Party (this was the big one this month...thankfully, it all came together)

  • Bake cupcakes on her actual Birthday (I wrote out the recipe here)

  • Celebrate with Friends and Family (YES...both her actual Birthday and the Party were wonderful in their own ways)

  • Take Lina swimming once (she wasn't thrilled but I think it had to do with the giant life preserver her Grandfather put on her)

  • Go to SpaWorld once (I wrote about SpaWorld here and here)

  • Take Lina on a hike at least once (she had a blast at Cunningham Falls, photos are here)

Bye-Bye...March....Can't wait to see what you bring us, Ms. April!!!

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