Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Soups to Freeze. A Simple Chicken and Barley Soup Recipe from GW Midwives

Here is an easy Chicken Soup Recipe from the GW Midwives.

This is a perfect soup to make for your Coccon Time. This also might be a nice, beginning stage of Labor activity to keep you busy and occupied.

The GW Midwives recommend that several bowls of this soup are given to the New Mama, during those first few days. They didn't include any times or many specifics.

I just eye-balled everything. The bowl I taste-tested was wonderful. Let me tell you...homemade chicken stock is SOOOO much better than the store bought (this was the first time I have ever made my own chicken stock). I was surprised how much salt I had to add, but I guess it's because the barley soaks it all up. I made two large pots to freeze and am excited to get the chance to eat all that yummy soup! 

1. Roast a whole chicken with herbs and seasoning (or buy one already roasted...we got ours at a Peruvian Chicken joint)

2. Remove all the meat (that was my husband's job)

3. Boil the bones and skins covered to make a good strong broth (I boiled them about an hour)

4. Chop up and put back the meat (also Papa Bear's job)

5. Add lots of sea salt
6. Add cooked barley (I added uncooked barley to the Chicken Stock and a few cups of extra water)

7. Add veggies like carrots, zucchini, squash and cook till soft (I just added carrots and cooked on medium heat for about an hour)

8. Add fresh chopped parsley

9. Add a big bag of baby spinach (I will add the spinach when I reheat to eat)

10. Crack in several eggs (I will add the spinach when I reheat to eat)

11. Enjoy (or freeze)!

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